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Bill Russell and Arnold

Just got permission from Bill Russell to use his original artwork on my home page.

Previously, I had scanned a shirt I bought from Metrowerks years ago and used the image. Metrowerks was a great little Quebec-based company that probably saved Apple’s behind back when they switched from 68K to PowerPC. As I understood things back then, Apple had the Moto SDK and dev tools available to developers to support the switch, but they were not that great. Metrowerks, who I think were into language translation and other kinds of software, struck off into PPC tool/IDE development, hiring a Master’s grad from Germany for his work on PPC compilers. Pretty gutsy, but it paid off big. They released Codewarrior with “Arnold themed” artwork and a construction metaphor. I was a loyal subscriber from about version 1 or 2 on. PowerPlant was a great platform for app building, though a bit dated now. And though I had done work with NeXTStep and Interface Builder and saw its potential, you just couldn’t get any traction developing for it. Some more info is available as per usual on Wikipedia under Metrowerks and Codewarrior.

Of course, I’m writing all this wearing my “Blood, Sweat, and Code” tshirt :-)

So, a big thanks to Bill for the use of his copyrighted artwork. Be sure to check out his links; there is some really nice stuff there...

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