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How To Add Images To Your Slider
  1. View your project in edit mode by clicking the edit button.
  2. Import or drag and drop an image into your editor.
  3. Double click the image and in the popup menu change the filename to something that starts with 'slide'.
  4. Add as many images as you want and make sure to also change the filenames to something that starts with 'slide' (e.g. slide-2.jpg, slide-3.jpg).

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Everything That Happens...

What is it about David Byrne? Last time I saw him, a few summers ago, he traverse from very old Talking Heads to operatic arias, and of course material from his then new album, Grown Backwards. Like a virus, he seems to be in my cells and making himself at home. I guess it's the same as Tom Waits; the greatness is in the simple differentness.

So, have a listen to Everything That Happens. 30 years since the last Eno/Byrne.